Troy Elementary School

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Student STAAR Reports

The Texas Education Agency publishes STAAR report cards for all students every year. These STAAR report cards are often referred to as Confidential Student Reports (CSR). To improve communication and transparency with educators and families, TEA has conducted an overhaul of the STAAR report card.  The goal of the redesign is to create a family-friendly report on student progress, specifically highlighting growth and improvement as much as proficiency, while giving parents concrete tools to help with student learning.
5th Grade April STAAR math and reading test results are now available online. All other STAAR scores will be available starting June 13th. To access your child's STAAR scores:
  • Go to

  • Click on "Find My Access Code"

  • Enter your child's FIRST name

  • Enter your child's social security number

  • Enter your child's date of birth

  • Click "Go"

  • Click "Go" again”