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Music / Art » Elementary Music with Amanda Ryg

Elementary Music with Amanda Ryg

Quaver's resources bring Seriously Fun Teaching and Learning to the music classroom.

SERIOUS - because the content addresses grade-appropriate concepts that meet state and national standards.

FUN - because every lesson is packed with comedy, characters, and memorable activities students will love.

This Seriously Fun approach serves as a catalyst to strengthen the bond between teacher and students. The teacher is the star of each lesson - leading instruction and forming a strong connection with students.

A strong teacher-student relationship leads to:
More energetic classrooms
Far greater student retention
Rejuvenated music programs
A lifelong love of music in their students!
At the heart of Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – is of course Quaver!

Quaver serves as an energetic teaching assistant for today’s music teacher. Whether he’s chasing after strong and weak beats bouncing around his music shop or popping up in cartoon form to introduce the Blues, Quaver is an entertaining and instructive guide through the learning and fun happening in the music classroom!