Troy Elementary School

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DEFINITION: Integrity is defined as being strong enough to do what you know is right. Integrity is also knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.
  • Discuss the phrase, "honesty is the best policy" or "telling the truth".
  • Select a book to read to students where characters exhibit the trait of "integrity."
  • Make posters that illustrate people or actions doing the right thing.
  • Ask students to consider whether or not they would want a friend to have integrity? How would they know if a friend had integrity?
  • Have students identify others in the class who follow rules, who are kind to others, who do not cheat, etc...
  • Assist student in designing Integrity Pennants by thinking of sentences that reflect integrity. Examples might be "Always do your best", "Believe in yourself', "Do the right thing," etc.
  • Have students write skits and role play the trait of integrity.
  • Define integrity for students. Include honesty, responsibility, and doing what is right.
    • Give each child a piece of construction paper.
    • Have them fold the paper once vertically then horizontally to make a "book". The cover should say "Integrity''.
    • On each page write a different trait of integrity, illustrate it, and dictate a sentence about the heading.
    • Share the books with each other in class.
  • Define a hero as "a respected person noted for courage and integrity." A hero may be a man or a woman who has many virtues. Have students write a short paragraph that opens like this: "My hero is..." Ask students to think about their family or special friends.
  • Ask students to imagine that they are a respected grandparent who has lived long and who has had many experiences. What kind of advice would he/she give their grandchildren about important matters like safety, school or friendship? How would the advice reflect the trait of integrity?