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Commitment is “focusing my effort on the work at hand.”

Commitment is an investment, which means that what you put into something determines what you will get out of it. A committed person works hard because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and the way you do your work is a reflection of who you are.

The opposite of commitment is laziness. Lazy students daydream in class, forget their homework, and care little about school. These habits lead to a poor education and a difficult future.

Be committed, not lazy. Your future depends on it!!


  1.       Concentrate on my work.
  2.       Follow instructions.
  3.       Do a job right.
  4.       Finish my projects.
  5.       Not be lazy.


  •      What are some benefits of working hard?
  •      Why should you do your best, even if no one else is watching?
  •      How can you be diligent, even if you don't enjoy your work?
  •      Do you have projects you need to finish? What will it take to finish them?