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Accountability is “taking ownership of my thoughts, words, and actions.” This trait is essential for becoming a healthy, happy, and productive person…and it is the basis for a free and civil society where each person does what he or she is expected to do.

Accountability begins with “little things” like taking care of your belongings, working with a good attitude, resolving conflicts peacefully, and owning up to mistakes. Taking accountability in these “little things” prepares students for greater opportunities in the future!


  1.      Know what’s expected.
  2.      Keep my commitments.
  3.      Do my best.
  4.      Not make excuses.
  5.      Correct my mistakes.


  •      It’s easy to take accountability or ownership when things go well. Why is it hard to take accountability when things don’t go well?
  •      What is the opposite of accountability? (unreliability, blaming others, making excuses)
  •      Who do you trust more—someone who owns up to mistakes or someone who covers them up? Why?
  •      How do you think accountability can help you in school? At home?