Troy Elementary School

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Natasha D. - 9th Place

Superb 2nd Grade Teachers!

Kayla L. - 10th Place

Learning to Code using our Scratch accounts!

Fantastic 4th Grade Teachers!

David W. - 6th Place

Fabulous 5th Grade Teachers!

Cohen K. - 5th Place

Raeley S. - 7th Place

Braden M. - 1st Place

Ty H. - 4th Place

Kylen B. - 2nd Place

Terrific 3rd Grade Teachers!

Jaden D. - 3rd Place

Cash R. - 8th Place

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LLS Fundraiser

LLS Fundraiser Featured Photo
Please click the link and donate! March 12th - kick off March 15 - May 3 -- campaign....collect $$ to benefit LLS May 3 - Movie Night for donations to benefit LLS
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