Troy Elementary School

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Kylen B. - 2nd Place

Terrific 3rd Grade Teachers!

Braden M. - 1st Place

Fabulous 5th Grade Teachers!

Ty H. - 4th Place

Superb 2nd Grade Teachers!

Fantastic 4th Grade Teachers!

Cash R. - 8th Place

Learning to Code using our Scratch accounts!

Raeley S. - 7th Place

Kayla L. - 10th Place

Natasha D. - 9th Place

Jaden D. - 3rd Place

Cohen K. - 5th Place

David W. - 6th Place

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PE is more...

Playing a little crab soccer! Getting a great leg and ab workout, but most importantly they are getting a small taste of what PE feels like for a nontraditional student with disabilities.

Access STAAR Scores Online

Access STAAR Scores Online Featured Photo
STAAR performance results for the most recent assessments are now available. Parents and guardians are able to access their child’s results and other resources at through the STAAR Student Portal. Instructions for accessing the STAAR Student Portal are available by clicking the link above.
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