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BettyJo Johnson

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Temple High School in 1986. I attended and graduated from Texas A & M Universtity in 1991.

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I am also GT certified well as ESL Certified (English As A Second Language).

Current Position:

I have been teaching in the elementary field for 22 years. I am beginning my third year teaching 2nd grade at Troy Elementary as a Math & Science Teacher.

Previous Position:

Prior to working at Troy Elementary School, I taught 1st grade for several years as well as Kindergarten.

Family Information:

I have been married for 26 years to my wonderful husband.  We have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and one dog.

Personal Information:

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy gardening and photography.  I enjoy the outdoors and spending lots of time with my wonderful family and friends!

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9:00 - 9:45